16mm film, 5min
work in progress
Bergen, Norway

“The whole fisheries network is developing into cybernetic organisations
that act within a common framework of regulations.
Efficiency is becoming more important in all parts of the value chain. ”*

Filming with a 16mm camera specific moments related to my ongoing research about salmon production in Norway and Chile, has led me to reflect towards the material components of the film itself, and how its microscopic crystals react and arrange when exposed to the light, forming the image of an egg, an eye, a scale or the bone of a fish.

Sunlight, air, water and crystals constellate then into a photochemical process that witnesses the life of our ancestors, the fishes, questioning the very core of the technology of a highly regulated fishing industry in Norway, which has transformed ‘the community, the trust, the knowledge and the mutuality that together formed what we can call social capital’*

Cinematography: Carlos Vasquez

* Jahn Petter Johnsen, The Coming of the Cybernetic Fishing Industry, The Wild Living Marine Resources Belong to Society as a Whole, 2017.

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