Offshoring Pathways

Plexiglass, copper wires, sodium nitrate, water, electricity
122 x 198 x 8 cm

Offshoring Pathways is an installation that contains a solution of water, sodium nitrate and alkanes, with positively and negatively electrified copper wires representing the maritime routes from Europe to the Northern ports of Chile. As the solution evaporates, the image is created itself slowly in the pool (it takes 7 to 14 days for the electrolysis and crystallization processes, depending on temperature conditions). Copper wires dissolve into the solution, colouring the ocean region with blue-green while the South American continent takes on the black colour.

The initial conception of this project includes a small wind turbine as the energy converter, in order to provide the required 3 volts needed for the electrolysis process. This way, the rich texture of the crystal formation witnesses the energy configuration of the saltpeter and wind sailing zeitgeist: the ripples left on the Ocean surface by the vessel wake, the wind force over the ocean, the power of the sodium nitrate chemical bonds, and the importance it had for both continents.

Technical assistance: Michele Galletti

  • Exhibited at El Museo de Los Sures, New York, USA


  • Michelle Galletti on Offshoring Pathways, 2014 – view PDF (English)
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