The Bonding – outline

16mm film, 5min
work in progress
Bergen, Norway

“The focus on reason has shrouded the wild in ourselves,
pushed it down into the darkness under the skin,
but under the skin is where the processes that maintain life
take place. ” 

Outline for a 16mm film installation that will present the documentation of a 2,5-year bonding with a farmed salmon, in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Research, in Norway.

The Bonding is the central part of the ongoing project Transpose, which focuses on the relationship between Southern and Northern Hemispheres in regards to Salmon aquaculture, landscape management, manipulation and poetics towards living marine resources.

This film was produced during a residency at USF – Bergen, together with cinematographer Carlos Vasquez. A reflection towards the material components of the film itself, and how its microscopic crystals react and arrange when exposed to the light, forming the image of an egg, an eye, a scale or the bone of a salmon. A photochemical constellation that behaves and reveals the physicality of our ancestors, the fish, bypassing the digits of a highly regulated fishing techno-industry.

The Bonding will be produced thanks to the support from KORO and first premiered at Kunsthall 3,14, Bergen, Norway

* Solveig Bøe, Wild Living Life, The Wild Living Marine Resources Belong to Society as a Whole, 2017.

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