Caliche Route

2018 – 2019
Saltpetre crystals on 350g Hahnemühle pressed paper
53 x 39,5 cm
limited edition of 3 + 1 AP

Saltpetre crystals on 350g Hahnemühle pressed paper
105,5 x 78 cm
limited edition of 8 + 2 AP

Caliche Route is a unique series and limited edition of works on pressed paper that contain saltpetre crystals along their martime sailing journey between the Atacama Desert and Europe.

These crystals contain a long extracting, trading and sterile history of landscapes, from green to desert, from European Venusean ideals to the dry corpses of the pampa slaves.

In these works on paper, saltpetre crystals thinly trace their maritime round trip along the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The routes are traced according to a current personal perspective, where the world map is upside down.

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