C+Cu: Narratives of Energy Sway

Coal briquettes, copper wire, LED
25 x 200 cm, variable height
APT Collection

Joined together into a graft that comes from different seams or sub-contexts, but paradoxically seized as product of massive consumption, away from its original soil, C+Cu aims to understand the physical properties of copper and coal, two minerals which are objects of landscape subversion.

Originally conceived for the exhibition To Seize Matter And Leave a Landscape at West Germany, Berlin (2013), this installation was then recomposed for Kunst vor Orten – Les Prochaines, Berlin, Germany (2014).

In this last space, gravity played an unexpected role within the symmetry of the installation.

  • Exhibited at West Germany and Kunst for Orten-Les Prochaines, Berlin, Germany
  • Rodolfo Andaur on C+CU: Narratives of Energy Sway, 2013  – view PDF (Español)
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