Doomed scape

18-piece polyptych
Graphite on paper
212 x 315 cm
APT Collection

«The vision of the artist can be primarily synthesized by «Doomed scape». Based on a dream, the work is a metaphor for the exploitation of natural resources in the economic-industrial capitalist era; the wrecking machine digging a basin, which grows ever larger, eventually effecting the core of the machine itself, and its consequent destruction. “Doomed scape” stands as a clear reminder of a savage exploitation that raids itself, sucking greedily at natural resources and consequently heading towards a failed future.«

Carolina Lio

  • Exhibited at Perlini Gallery, Padua, Italy
  • Paolo Menenghetti on Doomed scape, 2012 – view PDF (Italiano)
  • Carolina Lio on Doomed scape (press release), 2012 – view PDF (Eng.) / view PDF (Ital.) / view PDF (Esp.)
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