F60: A Machine Too Big To Operate

Graphite powder and coal on canvas, 4 pieces
100 x 70 cm each

F60 is a conveyor bridge which is 502 metres long, 202m wide, 80m high and weights 11,000 ton. Located in the Elbe-Elster county south of Lichterfeld in Germany, this conveyor was finished in March 1991 after 3 years of construction work. Up to 1.000 people took part in the erection of the bridge. But then after only 13 months, the bridge was taken out of operation due to new energy policies.

This bridge is not only a symbol for the industrial history of the region but also a sign of a political and economical change. Is one of the world’s largest movable machines, but due to its high operation costs, it is now a stationary machine converted into a tourist attraction.

  • Exhibited at: Perlini Arte Gallery, Padua, Italy; Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, USA; September Galerie, Berlin, Germany; K-Salon, Berlin, Germany; Candid Arts Trust, London, UK and Matt Roberts Arts, London, UK
  • Experimental Investigationsarticle by Maria Seda-Reeder for magazine CityBeat, February 2012
  • Carolina Lio on F-60 series, (press release), 2012 – view PDF (Eng.) / view PDF (Ital.) / view PDF (Esp.)
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