Copper waste, corals and acrylic on embossed Somerset 210 g paper

The Luossa (salmon) Yoik

Salmon, that strong and precious fish
swims along the bottom of the river.
All through the earth it would have followed the Tana River
If that is the course to follow.
Once again, it swims the long way to reach the source,
it’s skin gets darker and stops eating.
Once again, it turns black to where it came from
to the great ocean
Where salmon abound.
Once again, it glistens in the water
when it returns to its own seas.
There it will find herring to feed on
grow fat again,
and again, look at its old self

This joik text is a re-creation of Luossa juoigan, which is recorded in Otto Rinner’s book Lapalasia lauluja, launched in Helsinki in 1876

Production support: Primaink

  • Exhibited in 5 Kilograms of Eye-Opener, Small Projects, Tromsø, 2019
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