Salmo Salar bones, coal, graphite and saltpeter on paper
dimensions variable

These pieces correspond to a current exploration into the framework of the fishing industry, specifically the Atlantic salmon aquaculture, in which Norway is the leading exporter followed by Chile, despite the fact that in Chile there are no native anadromous salmon stocks. The relationship between these two countries in this regard and the inconsistent consequences of their extractionism, has revealed a series of notions regarding the manipulation of maritime living resources and geopolitical affairs.

Transpose is a series of compositions that bring together three natural resources, swapped in time, from geographies marked by maritime motion. A commercially discarded head of an Atlantic salmon is dissected in order to preserve and crystalize its jawbone using saltpetre; an ambivalent nitrate imprinted in the history of maritime navigation and military tactics, also commonly used today to preserve processed meats.

The bone of the salmon is a reminder that after all, living and non-living resources are constantly transposed in our Gaian biosphere, impacting each other in a determinant way, in order to become part of the same geological testimony.

  • Exhibited at Kurant, Tromsø, Norway
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