Unpredictable Atlas

Copper-plated net, glass, copper leaf, saltpetre
Variable Dimensions

The Earth spins before an uncontrolled radiant heater, the sun, whose output is by no means constant
James Lovelock

From the planetary to the translocal, we find ourselves  in a constant flow of transmutation, which puts us in an unpredictable position inside a speculative zeitgeist. Speculation, as Suhail Malik says, as “the task of finding more-than-human forms of knowledge by establishing the conditions within conceptual thought of knowledge of what is beyond human experience”.

Provided a small flow of electricity and time, matter (saltpetre, copper and water) is out of control here, escaping prediction. Unpredictable Atlas suggests a new, uncontrollable territory by providing segments of it inside a classic Berliner “Altbau”, which was built in the same time as when the rush of the Chilean saltpeter extraction occured.

  • Exhibited at Tête, Berlin, Germany
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