Performance; water, coal, copper, soil
in collaboration with Marcela Moraga

West Germany has 6 small rooms on one side of the main exhibition space. We included 4 of these rooms and their entrance doors, as part of the exhibition To Seize Matter and Leave a Landscape. Each room was assigned with an element: water, copper, soil and coal, with drawings of each word placed next to each door.

The performance started by taking out the corresponding element from the 4 rooms, and placing them a near tiled room. First, we mixed soil and coal, forming a mound. Later poring water, it became a dense and heavy mud. Then, we placed the copper in wires, around the mound, forming a bulk.

The German term Urproduktion refers, in economic terms, to the production of raw materials. But, the prefix “Ur” refers also to the “original” or “initial”. By performing this action, we tried to metaphorically restore elements found as consumer products, back to their original context.

  • Performed at West Germany, Berlin

Urproduktion video documentation by Diana Morales.

  • Rodolfo Andaur on Urproduktion, 2013  – view PDF (Español)
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