HD Video, 3 channels, 2 min each, loop

Zerfressen (german: corrosion or to corrode), refers to an eroded landscape, depicting almost microscopic captions of a coal briquette and satellite images of the area from where it is extracted. An intimate action of a thumb strenuously and disturbingly scuffing coal briquettes (first channel). The thumb then scuffs a satellite image of Germany panning across its surface (second channel). In the third video channel, this satellite image is merged with fragments of the coal briquette.

Two video channels are projected on the floor and one on the wall, inviting the spectator to have a spatial illusion over the aerial panning.

Conception, camera and postproduction: Michelle-Marie Letelier
Production: Carlos Vasquez

  • Exhibited at Die Ecke Gallery, Santiago, Chile
  • Valentina Montero on Zerfressen, 2009 – view PDF (Español)

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